Complimentary Registration and Discount Policy

To outline the circumstances when the Chapter provides for complimentary registration and discounts.

Complimentary Registration
1. In general, the Chapter will not charge registration fees to the following:
a. VP of Logistics, or his/her designee(s), working the registration table and handing out CPE certificates.
b. Students
c. Speakers

2. The Chapter will not charge registration fees to unemployed members and members that may be temporarily laid off. The complementary registration for members that fall into this category will be limited to 3 sessions. In order to register under this program, the member must contact the VP- Programs who will process the registration. Such members will not be required to provide proof of current employment status.

New Member Discount
3. The Chapter will offer a 25% discount off the registration cost for all new members for the first full day training session for which the member registers. This discount will only be available to the new member for the chapter year in which the person joins the Chapter. New members should complete their registration directly via the regular registration process and then notify the VP-Programs. Once registration status is confirmed, the VP-Programs will direct the Treasurer to process a refund for the applicable amount.

4. As circumstances warrant and in addition to the circumstances outlined in 1. above, the President has the authority to not charge registration fees as deemed in the best interest of the Chapter.