Employment Posting Policy

To outline the process for employment ads to be posted on our Chapter website.

As a service to the internal audit community in the local area, the Chapter will post employment ads to our website. These ads are for Help Wanted ads only.

1. Local businesses who have Chapter members can post employment ads for Internal Audit related positions on our Chapter website. The ad will be posted under the Employment section of the Chapter website. This service is free of charge provided that a member number is provided and validated.

2. Employment search firms may post employment ads to our website for a fee of $200. Payment is expected upon receipt of invoice.

3. Employment ads should include position title, description of job responsibilities, minimum qualifications, and contact information. Ads will be posted on the website for a maximum of 90 days. If the position becomes filled prior to the 90 day maximum, employers should contact the Website Administrator so that the ad can be immediately removed from the website.

4. Anyone interested in posting an ad should contact the Chapter’s Website Administrator:

Dan Halstad

The Website Administrator is responsible for posting the ads, billing for ad fees (with a duplicate copy to the Treasurer), and updating the website.