CAP Reporting

Chapter Achievement Program (CAP) is a chapter tool which provides basic guidelines for expected performance at the chapter level. It can be used as a planning tool for goal setting, chapter activities, chapter reporting and membership growth. CAP provides performance measurement, benchmarking with other IIA chapters, and effective and timely communication with your IIA leadership and Headquarters. CAP is a bench-marking tool. CAP brings recognition.

This program was initially designed to provide chapters with a means to evaluate their success in accomplishing the mission of servicing their members. The first pilot program – ‘The Chapter Recognition Program’- was developed in 1986 and grew into today’s Chapter Achievement Program. Over the 16 years of existence, the program has evolved into a truly productive measurement of performance levels. We hope you use this program as a tool to assist in your chapter activities as CAP utilizes already existing reporting facilities.

Service Criteria
Three service categories of a chapter and of the achievement program are:

  • Service to Members
  • Service to the Profession
  • Chapter Administration

CAP Performance Levels
CAP is made up of four performance levels. Once the chapter has met or exceeded the minimum CAP Requirements in the three categories (above), the chapter will have reached the BRONZE performance level. A chapter can advance to SILVER or GOLD levels by accumulating the points noted below – made up of any combination of CAP points from the three service levels (while also meeting the minimums above).

  • BRONZE – 685 CAP Points
  • SILVER – 1,060 CAP Points
  • GOLD – 1,560 CAP Points
  • PLATINUM – This is a special level created to recognize chapters that attain GOLD status for 10 of 11 consecutive years. The chapter will continue to be recognized as platinum level each year thereafter it the chapter achieves the Gold CAP level for 10 of 11 consecutive years.

The Baltimore Chapter has earned the designation of Platinum, the highest level possible. This is a recognition of the strong involvement of our members and continuing interest in our programs. In order to maintain this, we need your help. There are a number of activities that you may have done which could qualify for CAP points.

If you have performed (or know of anyone who has performed) any of the following, please direct them to the CAP Submission Tool:

  • Any speaking engagement on internal auditing for which CPE was awarded, date, location and number of CPE
  • Written in articles published in the Internal Auditor
  • Submitted any articles to the Internal Auditor
  • Written articles published in other professional journals
  • Served on an IIA Quality Review Team
  • Wrote exam questions for CIA