About Us

The Baltimore IIA Chapter is a part of the global IIA membership of over 170,000 auditors. We provide training and networking opportunities to internal audit professionals from Baltimore and the surrounding area through various training and social events throughout the year. We are also active in securing the next generation of internal auditors through our Academic Relations Program, which includes visiting local schools and providing scholarships.

Click on the following link to the IIA Headquarters website to take advantage of the some of the most popular member benefits, which include the award-winning Internal Auditor Magazine, complimentary monthly IIA member-only webinars, member-exclusive discounts and IIA trainings and conferences - IIA Headquarters Website.

Platinum Status

The Chapter has earned "Platinum" status in the IIA's Chapter Achievement Program (CAP). In order to achieve this, the chapter must earn the minimum CAP points in each of the three service categories to be recognized in the CAP program:
  • Service to Members (325 CAP points)
  • Service to the Profession (200 CAP points)
  • Chapter Administration (160 CAP points)
Once the chapter has met or exceeded the minimum CAP Requirements in the three categories (above), the chapter will have reached the BRONZE performance level. A chapter can advance to SILVER with 1,060 CAP points and to GOLD with 1,560 CAP points made up of a combination of CAP points from the three service levels (while also meeting the minimums above). Platinum status is a special level created to recognize chapters that attain GOLD status for 10 of 11 consecutive years.

Additional Chapter Information